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Becoming a partner with UltraNet opens a world of opportunities. We are the fastest network in the Delhi-NCR, and have our operations based in Delhi-NCR region in India. We are the only provider of high speed broadband FTTH services to offer symmetric speeds of 1 Gbps for both Uploads and Downloads and peered with GOOGLE, HOTSTAR, FACEBOOK and many more.This means that our network will be kept busy with more and more connections by the day. We always actively monitor our partner networks and resolve any issues with greatest agility- this means that we work with you to provide seamless services and you are not kept waiting for anything. Any information or partner events are shared live and you get to see the news feed scrolls so that you stay well informed, not just well connected. To connect with us and reap the benefits of being with the leader, contact us on our
customer support helpline at 02262581800.


  • Automatic Network Monitoring

    We monitor actively our partner networks and open tickets in case of issues.

  • Dedicated & Protected Fiber Ring

    Bandwidth capacity is never a problem. We have unlimited bandwidth on our ring. Reliability is also not an issue. We keep 3 independent International Internet Connections and fiber is always protected by two routes.

  • Online Payments

    Go cashless.Pay Online on to save time and renew instantly.

  • Continue Growth Guaranteed

    Our partner program is tailor made to ensure maximum profits to the partners. Grow big time with UltraNet.

  • Dedicated Account Manager

    We always assign a dedicated account manager to handle all your queries. It makes process smooth and faster.

  • Unlimited for a Single Household

    Our service are truly unlimited for single household. So user will enjoy high speed internet 24*7*365.